A new format of Armenian-Italian diplomatic relations


A new format of Armenian-Italian diplomatic relations

A bunch of cultural events in Yerevan and Gyumri

During last two months, Yerevan and Gyumri were flooded with the vibes of Italian culture, which included culinary, cultural, and various charitable events. Today we will speak about these events with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Italian Republic in the Republic of Armenia Mr. Vincenzo Del Monaco.


Honorable Mr. Ambassador, we are very happy to host you here. We know that you are implementing various programs to strengthen the diplomatic relations between our countries. Especially remarkable are the recent cultural events, such as Italian film screenings, different lectures, master classes of distinguished Italian chefs and the introduction of Italian art in National Gallery of Armenia. Can you please elaborate on them, what were your expectations, and whether they have been justified?

— A really unique year for the diplomatic relations between our countries is coming to its end which was characterized by the effective political dialogue and the launch of the cooperation in the scientific and technological fields. Culture is one of the cornerstones of diplomacy, especially for the countries like Italy and Armenia. Both are ancient countries with strong heritage from our ancestors. Culture defines our existence in the world.

How the idea of such large scale and multifaceted activities was born?

— The ideas mature when they find a good soil, and I have found this soil in Armenia. The cultural program of the Embassy was perfectly compatible with the program of Armenian Government. Several events were also in Gyumri. I am amazed with its history, central streets. The city was broken by the earthquake in 1988, though never knelt has a strong power of life.

Can you tell a little bit about the idea of holding an exhibition of “Bernini school: Roman Baroque” in National Gallery of Armenia, what was its mission and whether this can be considered an opportunity to present Armenian art in Rome as well?

— Baroque embodies the passion for beauty, emphasizes the rise of individual, aspiration for perfection. I really wanted such valuable works to be available in Armenia for Armenian people and many tourists who visit this wonderful country. In the same way, I would sincerely wish that valuable pieces of Armenian artworks be available in Italy as well.

Three Michelin star Chef Italo Bassi​

Three Michelin star Chef Italo Bassi​

In November, you invited world-known three Michelin star Chef Italo Bassi to Yerevan, who gave master classes and with famous Italian chefs introduced Italian cuisine in different restaurants in Yerevan. Will you tell a little about these events, with what impressions did Chefs leave Armenia.

— No one could have accompanied us better in this jouney of taste, full of experience, culture and history but Chef Bassi. Thanks to the generosity of 17 November Gala Dinner guests and Chef Bassi we had the opportunity to support the children with disabilities, under the care of Armenian Caritas. With the proceeds we managed to cover the annual rehabilitation of 55 children, the salaries of three physiotherapists and the costs of education materials for 100 children. Italian Embassy along with Ferrero donated 500 kg of sweets to the children of charitable NGO Orran.

Chef Bassi took with him to Italy positive impressions about the country, its elegance and the solidarity of Armenian people.

What new projects are expected in future?

— Every achievement should be viewed as a stimulus for more and better. I will do my best in 2019. Italian Embassy is always an open “construction area.”