Armenia challenged Russia and eventually lost Nagorno-Karabakh - Dugin


Armenia challenged Russia and eventually lost Nagorno-Karabakh - Dugin

Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin has opined that Armenia under Pashinyan challenged Russia, while Baku, on the contrary, acted skillfully and friendly, and as a result, Nagorno-Karabakh became Azerbaijani. 


Dugin wrote this in his article entitled “Russia’s mistakes in the post-Soviet space and ways to correct them,” which was published on RIA Novosti on 10 October.

“The West cannot guarantee territorial integrity to anyone on the territory of Eurasia; all its promises are nothing but bluff. Yes, the West is still capable of causing serious harm to Russia - at the cost of destroying an entire country (as is now the case with Ukraine). But to preserve, protect, build, create, organize something... this is not about them,” writes the pro-Kremlin political scientist.

According to him, “in light of the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive,” it will be very easy for the West to open a second front in the South Caucasus, since Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is “completely under Western control.”

“Pashinyans come and go, but the people remain. Will it be moral for us, Russians, to sit back and watch as Armenia turns into bloody chaos - following the path of Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine? Sitting and waiting until the awakened Armenians themselves realize that such a ruler is destructive for Armenia is unproductive,” Dugin writes.

In his opinion, Turkey is not an rival of Russia in the region, since it is primarily interested in the Eastern Mediterranean and the former Ottoman Empire.

In his article, Dugin suggests that Russia should not wait for the formation of a friendly attitude towards itself in the South Caucasus and the post-Soviet space, but should actively work in this direction.

“It’s time for Russia to go on the offensive. In Ukraine, in the South Caucasus, in Eurasia as a whole. We need offensive realism. Plans, cold and sober analysis and effective, strictly targeted actions,” Dugin concludes.

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