Armenia set to normalize relations with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nikol Pashinyan says


Armenia set to normalize relations with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nikol Pashinyan says

Armenia is determined to improve relations with Turkey and sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on 30 October at the 2024 draft  budget discussions in the National Assembly. 


Despite the understanding of the complexity of the task in the government, according to the Prime Minister, success in this direction is fully in the interest of Armenia.

“Three basic principles for the settlement of relations and peace with Azerbaijan have been agreed upon, and if the parties remain committed to these principles agreed upon, signing of an agreement on peace and settlement of relations will become real,” Pashinyan said.

The head of government listed, among the three principles mentioned, mutual recognition of each other's territorial integrity within the borders of 29,800 square meters. km. - for Armenia and 86,600 sq. km - for Azerbaijan, reference to the Almaty Declaration as a political basis for the delimitation and demarcation of the state border, as well as the opening of all regional communications on the principle of mutual respect for the sovereignty, jurisdiction and legislation of countries.

The Prime Minister of Armenia underlined that significant infrastructure work has already been done in the Turkish direction, in particular regarding the re-equipment and reconstruction of the Margara border checkpoint.

“With regard to Armenian-Turkish relations, I would like to express the hope that in the near future we will achieve the implementation of the agreements reached as a result of the discussions and negotiations of the special representatives, regarding the opening of the border for the citizens of third countries and holders of diplomatic passports” , - Pashinyan said.

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