Armenian church in Texas wins at architecture polls


Armenian church in Texas wins at architecture polls

Saint Sarkis Armenian Church in Texas has received most votes at the poll for US Building of the Year 2022 held by the World-Architects network.


Designed by David Hotson, Saint Sarkis was consecrated on April 23, 2022 on the eve of the April 24 commemoration.  

The form of the church is inspired by the 7th-century Saint Hripsime Church in Ejmiatsin and and memorializes the genocide in an image of the Armenian “tree of life” composed of exactly 1.5 million circular icons.

“It is my hope that the visibility the church receives from this honor will help raise awareness in America of the history of the world’s most ancient Christian nation, and of the persecution of Armenian Christians that is still happening today in Nagorno-Karabakh,” Hotson told 

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