Armenian Prime Minister – Azerbaijani invasion must be condemned and stopped


Armenian Prime Minister – Azerbaijani invasion must be condemned and stopped

Azerbaijani attacks on Armenian positions on the border in the evening of 28 September should be stopped and condemned, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote in his Twitter account. 

“This is an attack against Armenian independence, sovereignty and democracy,” Pashinyan wrote. He also suggested that the “withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops and deployment on an international observer mission on the Armenian territories affected by Azerbaijani occupation and bordering areas is an absolute necessity.” 

European Union’s Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia, Toivo Klaar reacted to the escalation in his tweet. “Today there were again reports of three Armenian soldiers killed and one Azerbaijani wounded. These and many other senseless victims feed hate and instability. Security is only truly possible if borders are respected and troops don’t face each other at close distances. Peace cannot be forced”, he wrote. 
US State Department spokesperson Ned Price also touched upon the escalation at his daily briefing. 

“Secretary Antony Blinken has engaged with his foreign minister counterparts. The Secretary has also engaged at the leader level with Armenia and Azerbaijan. So we are engaging at multiple levels, through multiple channels, to reinforce the need to de-escalate and to disengage,” Price said.

It should be recalled that Azerbaijani forces violated the recent ceasefire by shelling Armenian positions along the eastern border from 6 to 10 pm of 28 September.