Artsy Day 2021, Dilijan


Artsy Day 2021, Dilijan

EventToura invites everyone to beautiful Dilijan with the courage to combine art, wine and business.


On September 26, an unprecedented event called "Artsy Day" will be held in Dilijan, which will combine intellectual entertainment with business. "EventToura" is one of the first to start developing event tourism in Armenia, making art festivals a part of event tourism and increasing the recognition and dissemination of Armenian fine arts through sales.

Talented Armenian authors will perform side by side in festival-style pavilions in the territory of the Dilijan amphitheater. Accompanied by wine and jazz, any art lover will have the opportunity not only to admire art, but also to return home with a work of art in accordance with their own taste and values. The amphitheater will become a unique platform, an open-air exhibition hall, a place you will always want to return to.


One of the goals of the project is to contribute to the community development and community recognition of Armenia. For this reason, artists from the Tavush region will take an active part in the event, Tavush wine producers will be introduced, employees and students of Dilijan Children's Art School named after Hovhannes Sharambeyan will hold master classes on the spot.

The above-mentioned project is a prelude to the "Color of wine 2022" large-scale festival. One of the main goals of EventToura is to attract a new, art-loving contingent of tourists, who will contribute to the development of tourism and the sale and recognition of contemporary Armenian art.

And so, on September 26, from 12:00 to 17:00, we are waiting for the art lovers in the Dilijan amphitheater memorial!

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