Azerbaijani aggression against Armenia discussed at UN Security Council


Azerbaijani aggression against Armenia discussed at UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council has discussed the Azerbaijani Armed Forces incursion against into the sovereign territory of Armenia.

The Permanent Representative of France and the President of the UN Security Council, Nicolas de Riviere, noted that a number of settlements on the territory of Armenia, as well as civilian infrastructure, were shelled. De Riviere recalled the telephone conversations of French President Emmanuel Macron with the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan, in which the position of Paris was voiced. The French President called the strict observance of the ceasefire of November 9, 2020 as “an absolute priority." He also called on Azerbaijan to withdraw its troops to their previous positions. “The territorial integrity of Armenia must be respected,” de Riviere concluded.

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation Vasily Nebenzya called on Azerbaijan and Armenia “to show restraint and refrain from steps that can increase the degree of tension." He recalled the tripartite agreements concluded between the leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia in November 2020, January and November 2021, and called for their "strict observance." Nebenzya said that the Russian military is in constant contact with both sides in order to return the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops to their original positions.

US Deputy Ambassador to the UN Richard Mills expressed concern over reports of shelling of civilian infrastructure in Armenia. He stressed that as a result of this aggression, civilians suffered on the territory of Armenia.“All parties must comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law,” the US representative stressed.

Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the UN Geng Shuang said that "the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan is inseparable from the proper settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue."
“The position of the United Kingdom has always been discarding a military solution to this conflict. We have always called for a cessation of all hostilities, and we have called for the armed forces to withdraw to their original positions,” said Fergus Eckersley, the UK political coordinator at the UN.

It is to note that the UN Security Council was convened on September 15 at an Armenian initiative in connection with the Azerbaijani aggression on September 13-14.

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