Burn and leave


Burn and leave

Evacuation was a mess. People had few days, some only few hours to take everything and leave. 
Some were just leaving, still having a hope to return. Others left without hope. Both were painful, but it was unbearable to see people burning down the homes they built themselves and lived there for decades.

Photo : Areg Balayan




A house left burning in the evacuated Nor Maragha village


The last day of New Maragha. Graffiti on the gates says “We”. Pentagram “See my pear” is a popular term in Karabakh, which can be translated as “F* off”.


“Vagif and his son Saro took out all the animals, emptied the house and burnt it. Vagif couldn't do it, but Saro said he could not leave it for the Turks. They will probably never come back again.”


This family moved to their house in Nor Maragha only a few months ago. Now they have to take anything they can, and leave.


Another house burn, somewhere near the Dadivank monastery. 


Nor Maragha, evacuation.

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