Crash and Dash


Crash and Dash

It’s time to get rid of the stress

On August 14, we’re going to HayFilm to “Crash’n’Dash” and have some fun. 

Text : Margarit Mirzoyan


All of us from time to time have a desire to urgently break something, to pour our anger on something, to calm down and relax. The “Crash and Dash” to be held on August 14 (organized by CrashNdash company) is all about it. You might have seen the cinematic photos on Facebook (the digital promotion of the event is done by Magenta Digital) and everyone can become a part of that movie. We just need to buy the tickets and visit the HayFilm studio building. Here you can get rid of the stress, have a good time, and enjoy pleasant music and drinks.


First was Japan 

Armenia has never seen such an event. “ I had this idea since my student years, inspired by the Japanese experience” remembers the founder of the initiative Alexander Dashyan. Already several years ago, a new trend began in the Country of the Rising Sun. At some offices, the mannequins of the employers have been placed and when the employees would get angry with the latter, they would just beat the mannequins. Then this interesting exercise spread around the world as a convenient way to get rid of stress. Now, this method of stress relief is available in Armenia as well. 


Unprecedented interest 

The founding director of Magenta Digital Mariam Chakaryan emphasizes the fact that this format is brand new for Armenia and provides a unique way to get positive energy. As a result, thanks to all this, people have a huge interest. The interest is noticeable especially in digital platforms, where the promotion is insured by Magenta Digital. "I do not remember another event to receive so much attention and interest on social media platforms," says Mariam. 



The organizers of the event have collected all the items that bring sound satisfaction when being broken, absorbing all our anger. Now, these items are being stored, waiting for people to come to Hayfilm on August 14, to crash and dash everything that will appear in their view - bottles, household appliances, furniture, even a watermelon.



The full potential of Hayfilm's atmosphere and space will be used: the yard for food and drinks, and a separate building for the actual breaking process. There are already about forty rooms suited specifically for this occasion, where the guests will have the opportunity to relieve their stress (but the entrance is solo, for security reasons).


Crashing and Dashing Weapons

The organizers expect about 2000 guests. Of course, all possible safety rules will be ensured. The participants will be provided with special protective clothing, masks, eyeglasses, and gloves. Also, various weapons will be available for maximum impact, namely, truncheons, hammers and other similar tools.


Refill the energy 

When you get rid of stress that has been with you for a long time by crushing things with a hammer, and then you still have to dance until the morning, there’s a certain need for a recharge. For that purpose, on the day of the event, there will be food and drinks (provided by Ohanyan Vodka in two bars located in the area). Everything is taken into account.


Ecologically Clean “Dash”

It is very important that at least 70% of the items smashed during the event will be recycled, and only paper utensils, cups and dishes will be used to sell drinks and food. The goal is one - to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. As it was mentioned, every detail is taken into account.


Crashing Rave 

The whole evening will be accompanied by quality music, and at about ten o'clock the hottest artists of modern Armenian music will come on stage: QVANT project, Serjo, A.Chilla, M’AD, and S.I.T.H. 



10,000 AMD (lots of crashing stuff) – 18,000 AMD (lots of, lots of crashing stuff)

On-site purchase: 12,000 AMD (lots of crashing stuff) – 20,000 AMD (lots of, lots of crashing stuff)

The tickets can be purchased by the following link:, from the tickets section of #Idram application, and from

See the details here.

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