Database of Armenian professionals who studied and worked abroad is launched

Database of Armenian professionals who studied and worked abroad is launched

Armenian professionals who studied and gained experience abroad are called to engage in a new initiative aimed to contribute the development of post-revolution Armenia. We spoke to Arshak Tovmasyan, one of the founders of the project, to find out how Armenians from different countries could engage and contribute.  


Mr. Tovmasyan, who can join the database? Are there any restrictions on specializations or amount of experience?

We call for all individuals of Armenian descent who are inspired by the unprecedented peaceful revolution in the country to become a part of the online database of Armenian professionals who studied and worked abroad. There is no restrictions on specializations, and no long-term experience is mandatory. However, it is preferable for the applicants to have not only academic background, but also some experience in their fields. Still, there is no need for diversified or decades-long experience, and we encourage everyone who is interested to apply.

Do you plan to establish contacts with the new government? In general, what is your vision regarding the potential cooperation with the government?

The database is now being actively enriched as the first stage of the project. Then we are going to present it to the government, so that the ways we could contribute will be developed together with the politicians. We also plan to create an online platform where challenges the country and the new government face may be discussed. These can be small challenges or large-scale strategic ones that we as a nation are going to encounter on different levels.

Are there opportunities for the registered specialists to contribute from the place of residence?

We do not expect people to be ready to move to Armenia right away. It is possible to contribute from their place of residence, working either temporarily or permanently. Of course we encourage everyone to come back to Armenia, but there are so many different forms of help, and we call for everyone to be active and engaged.


See the project’s announcement below:

We, the Armenian specialists and experts who have studied abroad, and currently reside in foreign countries, witnessing the long-awaited and unprecedented national awakening, at this historical moment consider it our duty to enunciate our support to the all-national movement. As a result of our nation’s, particularly, our youth’s struggle, we are now facing completely new realities and prospects. Convinced that such a singular opportunity is not to be missed, along with moral support, we express our readiness to aid the newly forming government of Armenia with our knowledge and experience on its way to democratization.

The initiative has started from the idea of creating a database about the Armenian professionals living abroad. However, the initiating team is ready to meet any time and discuss all the directions and formats of the collaboration.

Professionals, who wish to join this initiative may register via this link :


Organizing committee

Arshak Tovmasyan, MBA ESSEC, Paris, Master of Political Science, University of Strasbourg,

Yerevan +37455387887

Lusine Arzumanyan, PhD in Management, Lyon Jean Moulin University,

Lyon +33695951277

Vahagn Stepanyan PhD in Economics, Mastère OGPL ENSAM Paris

Berlin + 491736496151