Demonstrating against Azerbaijani aggression: France


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Demonstrating against Azerbaijani aggression: France

Davit Kocharyan, Information Systems and Marketing specialist, tells about Armenian community's protests and acitivities against Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression held France.


Text: Viktorya Muradyan


“The Armenian community in France has been very reactive and united towards the ongoing military aggressions and atrocities launched by Azerbaijan in tandem with Turkey in the Republic of Artsakh since the 27th of September 2020. The Armenians in France have organized several actions including mass demonstrations gathering more than 20,000 people, marches in the streets of French cities, roadblocking for interstate and intrastate highways and roads, as well as silent protests for rising awareness about the Armenian soldiers and civilians, who became the victims of the military aggressions by Azerbaijan and Turkey. These large-scale actions are taking place in many big and small cities of France such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Dijon, Strasbourg, Nice, Lille and so on.

The main message that the Armenian community wants to send to the European and French political institutions is the immediate recognition of the independence of the Republic of Artsakh, as a remedial secession according to the international law and as the only possible long-term peaceful settlement of this regional conflict.

Amongst the activists we see not only Armenians, but also French, Greek, Cypriot and Yazidi people. During these mass demonstrations happening in front of the National Assembly of France, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as French TV stations, French and Armenian politicians are speaking up for the truth and justice that we, Armenians, expect from Europe and the world. Besides, those French politicians, who are very concerned about the tensions escalating day by day, urge others with their presence, voice, and activities to join the Armenian cause for the sake of the peaceful settlement of this conflict.

The French media is covering the main political and military developments happening in the Republic of Artsakh mainly focusing on the right side of the history, which is to present Azerbaijan and Turkey tandem as aggressors and the biggest threat for the regional and global security amidst the global pandemic.

Despite the violent threats and actions coming from the Turkish and Azeri ultranationalists living in France, the Armenian community in France is determined to contribute consistently in all possible ways to the peaceful resolution of the conflict.”