Driving Growth: The Power of Business Advocacy


Driving Growth: The Power of Business Advocacy

AmCham Armenia, also known as the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, is a member-based non-profit organization that represents the interests of American and Armenian businesses in Armenia, dedicated to promoting trade and investment between Armenia and the United States. Founded in 2000, AmCham Armenia has become a leading advocate for business-friendly policies and initiatives that encourage investment, job creation, economic growth, and development in Armenia.


As AmCham Armenia unites over 160 member companies from around 20 sectors of the economy, this cross-sectoral partnership and balance of interests create a unique approach to advocacy and a unique environment in AmCham itself.

Advocacy is an essential part of the mission of AmCham Armenia. Advocacy is the process of promoting or defending a cause or policy. In the case of AmCham, it is about a wide range of areas, such as tax and customs regulations, trade, finances, labor law, corporate governance, intellectual property rights and many others. This includes advocating for policies that reduce bureaucracy, improve access to financing, and encourage foreign investment. AmCham Armenia regularly engages with government officials, lawmakers, and other stakeholders to provide input on proposed legislation and regulations that could impact the business community.


AmCham at open hearings in the National Assembly on Labor Code, 2023


To make its advocacy efforts more structured, AmCham Armenia has established five committees that are umbrellas for members to discuss all the topics mentioned above: the Sustainable Development Committee; Tax, Customs, and Fiscal Policy Committee; Legal Committee; Workforce Development Committee; and Digital Transformation Committee.

AmCham Armenia also advocates for policies that promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It encourages its members to adopt environmentally and socially responsible business practices and works with the Armenian Government to develop policies that promote sustainable economic development.



Besides working with the Armenian Government, AmCham Armenia also engages in advocacy at the international level. For example, AmCham Armenia is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AmChams in Europe (ACE), which allows it to advocate for the interests of American and Armenian businesses in the broader European context.

In addition to its advocacy efforts, AmCham Armenia also provides a platform for its members to network and collaborate. It organizes events and activities that bring together business leaders and policymakers from Armenia and the United States, facilitating dialogue and fostering partnerships.

In addition to its advocacy activities, AmCham Armenia also plays a key role in promoting public-private dialogue. The organization hosts regular events, seminars, and roundtable discussions that bring together government officials, business leaders, and other stakeholders to discuss issues of mutual interest. These events provide a platform for open and constructive dialogue, allowing participants to share ideas, insights, and perspectives on various topics related to business and economic development in Armenia. During these events, AmCham Armenia representatives present the views and concerns of the business community and make recommendations for how the proposed policies could be improved.


Investment Council of Armenia meeting, 2022


On the other hand, AmCham Armenia provides a platform for its members to network and cooperate. By bringing together stakeholders from different sectors, the organization aims to promote greater understanding and trust, facilitate dialogue, and foster partnerships among business leaders and policymakers in Armenia.

Overall, AmCham Armenia plays a significant role in shaping Armenia’s business landscape and promoting foreign investment in Armenia through advocacy and public-private dialogue initiatives. It works to foster U.S.-Armenia economic ties, reduce barriers to trade and investment, promote sustainability, and facilitate partnerships between businesses and policymakers, thus contributing to a more vibrant and competitive economy in Armenia.

As Armenia continues to navigate the challenges of the 21st century, AmCham Armenia will undoubtedly continue to be a leading advocate for the interests of the business community and its members and a key partner in the country’s economic development efforts.


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