Energy saving begins in Artsakh


Energy saving begins in Artsakh

Nagorno-Karabakh has switched to energy saving mode due to the closure of the Lachin Corridor and the shutdown of the gas supply, the State Minister of Artsakh Republic Ruben Vardanyan announced on Wednesday December 14th.


“Question number one — is fuel.  We do not know how long this blockade will last and how long it will take to deliver the fuel. Therefore, [we] have introduced a strict austerity regime for everyone, including the government and state departments. We have kept a special regime only for special services: ambulance, transport and others,”  —  The State Minister explained.

According to the info center of Artsakh, ambulances, public transport and special services will be given priority at the gas stations.

According to the report, in order to prevent a fuel crisis, the government has agreed with companies on the transition to the new fuel regime.

The citizens of Artsakh were also urged to save fuel and use vehicles only in case of extreme necessity.

As reported by Armenpress with reference to a source in the Armenian Ministry of Health, Minister Anahit Avanesyan has appealed to the World Health Organization (WHO), expecting a quick response from the organization's officials to the emerging humanitarian crisis in Artsakh.

“People with emergency health needs cannot be transported to Yerevan, drug supplies and humanitarian aid cannot reach the population”, — tweeted Avanesyan.


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