The France Armenia International Network

In 2013, upon the initiative of Hilda Tchoboian, the Regional Councilor and current Vice-President of France Armenia International Network, some French-Armenian friends came up with the idea of founding a purely economic association which would bring together the leaders of the Rhône-Alpes region’s economic life, the second region of France in terms of economic dynamism. This new unique project attracted the attention of business leaders, and consequently, quickly associated themselves with the network. 


Two years after the birth of the idea, in May 2015 the France Armenia International Network association was officially established. A few months later the inauguration took place in Lyon with the presence of the President of the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes, the regional, political and economic structures and the Ambassador of Armenia.
The choice of the name "France Armenia International Network" was closely linked to the social reasons and strategic objectives of the association. The Armenian Diaspora has a strong economic potential. It is strongly involved not only in the life of the Rhône-Alpes region (which has become the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes), but also in other areas of France, Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, and the Far East and South East Asia.
The globalization process of Armenian organizations has been ongoing for a century. The Church, political parties and charitable organizations have long created networks throughout the Diaspora. Today, it is the turn of the entrepreneurs to organize and expand their network to include all their French, European, American, Russian, Iranian, Lebanese, Argentinean partners and other countries of the Diaspora. This is to contribute to the expansion of international exchanges and more particularly to Armenia and neighboring countries.
Besides this, because of its geopolitics, Armenia has always been at the crossroads of international empires and issues. It is located on the border between Europe and Asia, and on the border between the Christian and Islamic worlds. Although its borders with Azerbaijan and Turkey are closed, it has privileged relations with Iran, which is a strategic partner for Armenia. Now Armenia is seen as a safe path connecting Europe to Iran and elsewhere.

The France Armenia International network now includes a growing number of companies and entrepreneurs in the Rhône-Alpes region occupying numerous sectors of activity: industry, finance, construction, services and consulting, digital, high-tech, communication, restoration, crafts, agriculture, and more.
Its development is based on three essential axes:
1. The development of the regional network of Franco-Armenian entrepreneurs and all their partners, and the economic development of the region.
2. The expansion of this network to encompass the entire Diaspora.
Deepen economic relations with Armenia to aid its development, but especially as a bridge for a network in the greater region which includes Iran and the CIS countries.
3. Build bridges between these companies and companies in Armenia as a door to the markets of neighboring countries.
To achieve the strategic objectives, the France Armenia International Network organizes its local network of companies by creating synergies between them. At the same time, it establishes partnerships in different countries of the Diaspora. Regular meetings are organized in the form of workshops involving experts in various fields such as management, finance, taxation and implantation.

Armenia is taking its place in the region and the future development of FAIR is closely linked to its establishment in Armenia to serve as a base for companies wishing to penetrate the promising regional markets, and the first place is Iran, which has become more accessible with the promise of the lifting of Western sanctions. Moreover, in these times of uncertainty increased by recent political changes, Armenia will be able to make itself indispensable for any company wanting to trade with Iran. The network is developing with considerable speed. It enjoys great popularity due to the quality of the economic exchanges and networking between the member companies.
Since its creation in 2015, the France Armenia International Network is chaired by Aramazd Abedi, President of Damaris. It’s a company specializing in dematerialization of documents, which has a unit operating in Armenia for 15 years, and feels quite comfortable there.