From Italian holidays to evacuation and quarantine (PHOTOS)
Armenia vs Coronavirus

From Italian holidays to evacuation and quarantine (PHOTOS)

Photographer Biayna Mahari took these images at the lockdown Naples and during the evacuation from Rome to Yerevan.

Quotes and photos: Biayna Mahari's FB page

March 10
So, entire Italy is a red zone of quarantine.

March 11
People on Italian ships are banned from sitting next to each other as a measure to fight coronavirus.

March 12
Yesterday the stores and cafes were alive until 7 (not all of them of course, but the most stubborn ones). Today, already at 3:30, it was impossible to find a single place to eat, what will happen tomorrow... They say there’s a 200 euro fine for leaving the house without an emergency. However, as long as there’s sun outside, this law doesn’t work in Naples. Instead, in the evenings, this already restless city turns empty and even scary.

March 12
An absurd scene. There are 40 people in the supermarket line, each of them standing two meters away from the other (the law requires a meter, but the fear is more reliable than common sense), wearing masks. First, you do not understand what is going on, you see a bunch of people, but then you realize that they all have one purpose.

March 14
Of course, the first step was the same as in Armenia, banning crowded events, but to be honest, at that point, people didn’t care much. The next step was the law on 1 meter, which I think was quite useful. It’s not a total collapse, but it limits a lot of risks, and the police drive across the city, ensuring that everyone follows the rule. Currently, only the open-air cafes are open. At some point, the rest also worked but with one table two visitors rule. Only 3 people were allowed to be at a cafe or a store simultaneously but one meter away from each other. (In the supermarkets more people were allowed but so that the consumers won’t meet each other). The others had to stand in line outside, we’ve already seen how.

March 16
It’s vital to express immense gratitude to the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ambasciata d’Armenia in Italia for the unbelievable feeling that your country keeps your back. When they regularly call you to understand what they can do for you when they respond to all the late-night emails within an hour. The most touching move was preparing ideal packages in beautiful bags with masks, gloves, and food (which, by the way, we couldn’t eat on board due to security reasons and thus they were prepared to be used just before departure). When the Rome airport is completely empty, all the flights are canceled and only the flight to Yerevan has the gate number next to it.

There’s no one in the whole airport, but they welcome you next to the gate and explain everything... and so many other details. When you imagine how someone, sitting in his office, planned the entire process, you have to go through and took care of all the small details so that you feel a little better. 


Arraving in Yerevan


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