IMAST Starts to Revolutionize the Charitable Sector in Armenia


IMAST Starts to Revolutionize the Charitable Sector in Armenia

IMAST, the first micro-donation app in Armenia, has launched, to digitalize the charitable sector, make it more transparent, and revive the trust in the field. 


IMAST is a social project initiated by a social entrepreneur and repatriate Hayk Ayrapetian. “I was looking for meaning in life when I came up with the idea of IMAST that is about creating meaning instead of searching for one,” says Ayrapetian. The application is a “marketplace” for Armenian nonprofits to launch fundraising campaigns and gain one-time or recurring donors from Armenia and the Diaspora. 

The unique features of the app enable everyone to donate in just three simple steps. They can find various nonprofits and charitable projects that go through legal and financial audit verification before finding their place on the app to ensure that the collected funds serve their purpose. 



The platform is safe for micro-donors and organizations in many different ways. Operating under an NGO, IMAST does not gain any kind of profit from the project. The transaction system that IMAST uses transfers each donation directly to the organization instead of IMAST’s bank account. Valuing the practice of systematic micro-donations, the team works to show the impact of each donation through news and financial reporting encouraging the society to make consistent micro-donations.

The IMAST team believes that it is possible to bring social change through innovative solutions, which in this case is the development of the giving culture by uniting all Armenians in the world into the community of micro-donors. 


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