Leopard of Yenokavan

Leopard of Yenokavan

King of the Armenian Highlands spotted by cameras at Tavush region.

Photo : WWF Armenia



The mystical beauty of the Armenian highlands has returned, this time to the Tavush region. The camera traps of WWF Armenia captured the animal near Yenokavan village in Tavush region.
Last year, one of the villagers was attacked in the same area by an unknown animal, which the latter claimed to be a leopard. Still, the laboratory examination confirmed that for 99%, the unknown attacker was a lynx rather than a leopard. However, the villages insisted that it was a leopard, which made the specialists of WWF Armenia, continue the field research, with the support of the locals. Eventually, it turned out, that after a 50-year break, the animal prized as the "King of the Armenian Highlands" has returned to the region, making Tavush the fourth " Armenian kingdom" of the Caucasian Leopard.

You can read our profile on the Caucasian Leopard and the conservation project implemented by WWF Armenia in cooperation with the RA Ministry of Environment by the following link.


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