Army General Stuff calls for Prime-Minister's resignation. Pashinyan calls it an attempt for a military coup and urges his supporters to assembly  at the Republic Square.

Army General Stuff calls for Prime-Minister's resignation. Pashinyan calls it an attempt for a military coup and urges his supporters to assembly at the Republic Square.

  • Nikol Pashinyan fires First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Armenia, General Tiran Khachatryan
  • The General Staff issues a statement noting that "the RA Prime Minister and the government are no longer able to make adequate decisions in this critical, fatal situation for the Armenian people" and demand the resignation of the Prime Minister and the government.
  • Nikol Pashinyan calls the statement an attempt for a military coup and urges his supporters to assembly at the Republic Square
  • Artsakh Preseident calls for restraint and offers his meditation
  • Druing the rally at the Republic Square Nikol Pashinyan ordered all the Army Forces to stay out of the political processes and confirmed the order to fire Onik Gasparyan, the chief of the General Stuff of the RA. He also offered the oposition to start a process of consultations to discuss the future of the country.
  • Pashinyan and his supporters are marching through the city. The opposition requesting Pashinyan's resignation, is marching to the National Assambly.


February 27

18:10 Armenian President Armen Sargsyan returned with objections the draft decree on dismissal of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan.

17:20 Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan condemns the staged execution during a rally on Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan on Friday.

"It is most reprehensible that the staging was shown during the mass rally, especially in the conditions when the rally was broadcasted live, targeting the general public including children as well." - the ombudsman of Armenia emphasizes in his message, continuing․ "The organizers of the rally have to keep in mind that such events are clearly associated with violence, give the impression of justifying violence, obviously do not come from the peaceful aims and subject of the rally, so they can not be allowed in any case, even in these tense days."

10։00 Yet another rally of the opposition "Homeland Salvation Movement" will take place today at 15:00

09։30 The Secretary General of the Council of Europe calls on all parties in Armenia to show restraint.

"I closely follow the recent developments in our member state Armenia and call for calm and accountability," Council of Europe Secretary General Maria Pejcinovic-Buric said today. She added: "All political differences must be discussed, resolved peacefully, at the negotiating table with the participation of civil society representatives, in accordance with the principles of democracy and the rule of law."

09։20 France hopes for a dialogue in Armenia, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said today.

"We attach great importance to democracy, stability in Armenia, and hope that a dialogue will be established based on the legitimacy of the President and the Prime Minister of Armenia" he said.

09:15 "What is happening now in Armenia is a natural result of Nikol Pashinyan's decision not to resign from the post of Prime Minister. He clings to power, trying to provoke clashes between opposition leaders. And most importantly, he absolutely does not want to admit his guilt in what happened to Armenia and Karabakh" [Konstantin Zatulin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, on Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio]

09:00 "If Nikol Pashinyan fails to oust Onik Gasparyan, he is defeated in the eyes of all law enforcement agencies," [Leader of the opposition Vazgen Manukyan]


February 26


22:00 It is already the second day that President Armen Sargsyan does not sign the Prime Minister's proposal to dismiss Chief of General Staff Onik Gasparyan. Some time ago, the President announced that Sargsyan had personally gone to the General Staff, where he met with Gasparyan.

Earlier, Armen Sargsyan's staff stated that due to the need to ensure the normal functioning of state bodies, the President has not had any objections to the appointment or dismissal of officials. At the same time however, it is noted that the dismissal of the Chief of the General Staff is not just another personnel change, especially in the context of the post-war general crisis.

15:30 Demonstrators demanding Pashinyan's resignation are marching to the RA President's residence.

15:25 The leader of the opposition "Bright Armenia" faction Edmon Marukyan said that if the authorities initiate political consultations on the snap elections, they will discuss the question of participating.

"We proposed to establish a transitional government, we also had our candidate for the prime minister, but if this is not done in this situation, and the parliament is dissolved and the organizer of the snap elections is Pashinyan, then Nikol Pashinyan must organize it and I do not see a problem there, there is no problem for us, the country is in a situation where I will not look at who is organizing the elections, we must get out of this situation," he said.

11։30 The sitting of the National Assembly Council, which was appointed today at 11:00, did not take place.

The leader of the opposition "Bright Armenia" faction Edmon Marukyan, in a briefing with journalists, informed that the Speaker of the National Assembly was not present. "The NA Speaker did not come and did not open the sitting," Marukyan said.

10:40 The opposition "Homeland Salvation Movement" is calling for a rally at 13:00, in front of the National Assembly building.

10:30 "The European Union is following developments in Armenia very closely. We ask all actors for calm and to avoid any rhetoric or actions that could lead to further escalation. Political differences must be resolved peacefully and in strict adherence to the principles and processes of parliamentary democracy. In line with the Armenian Constitution, the armed forces “shall maintain neutrality in political matters and shall be under civilian control”. Maintaining the democratic and constitutional order is the only way Armenia can effectively tackle the challenges it is confronted with." [Statement by Peter Stano, lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy]

10:20 "Concerned with the latest developments in Armenia. I urge all parties to act peacefully in respect of OSCE commitments on democratic processes and the rule of law. The situation must be resolved without violence." [Ann Linde, Chairperson-in-Office of the OSCE and Foreign Minister of Sweden]

10։10 "We are closely monitoring developments in our partner country #Armenia. It’s important to avoid words or actions that could lead to further escalation. Any political differences should be resolved peacefully & democratically and in line with Armenia’s constitution." [NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu]

10:00 The UN is concerned about the events in Armenia, calling on the parties to show restraint and resolve political differences through dialogue. This was announced today by the spokesman of the UN Secretary General Stefane Dujarric. "What we see in Armenia worries us extremely. It is very important that all parties remain calm. "We call for restraint, a comprehensive dialogue to ease tensions, and to resolve political differences," he said. "It must be done respecting the Constitution and the democratic process."

09:50 Today at 11 AM a session of the Counsil of the National Assembly is scheduled, where the initiative of the "Bright Armenia" and "Prosperous Armenia" to call an extraordinary parlamentary session is to be discussed. The agenda of that session includes the possibility of lifting the martial law and the issues related to the internal political situation in the country.

It should be noted that the sitting of the NA Council was supposed to take place yesterday at 6 pm, but the deputies of majority fraction did not show up and the sitting did not take place. The repetition of this senario today is possible.

09:30 "No provocations or incidents happened during the night." [Opposition leader Vazgen Manukyan]

09:15 Official Tehran calls on Armenian political forces to refrain from violence and show restraint. Such a statement was made by the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh. According to "Mehr" agency, Khatibzade added that Iran is closely following the developments in Armenia.

09:00 The US is following the situation in Armenia very closely, Spokesman for the Department of State Ned Price told a daily press briefing.

“We urge all parties to exercise restraint and to avoid any escalatory or violent actions. We remind all parties of the bedrock democratic principle that states’ armed forces should not intervene in domestic politics,” he said. “The United States has been a steadfast supporter of the development of democratic processes and institutions in Armenia. We continue to support Armenia’s democracy and its sovereignty, and we urge its leaders to resolve their differences peacefully while respecting the rule of law, Armenia’s democracy, and its institutions,” the Spokesperson stated.

00:10 "In accordance with the previously announced mediation effort, Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan had meetings with both Nikol Pashinyan and Onik Gasparyan, to discuss some issues related to overcoming the current situation, based on the priorities of internal stability and external security of Armenia and Artsakh. During the meeting with Onik Gasparyan, the issue of resignation was not discussed at all, because there can be no question of pressure." [Lucineh Avanesyan, Press-secretary for the Artsakh President] 


February 25

21:30 Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a telephone conversation, during which they discussed the situation in Armenia. According to the Spokesman of Russian president “Vladimir Putin spoke in favor of maintaining public order and tranquility in Armenia, settling the situation within the law.”

19։10 'We are sending a delegation to the RA President and demand from the deputies of the political majority an extraordinary NA sitting to discuss the situation in the country" said the opposition member Ishkhan Saghatelyan. He informed that in a little while they will bring tents, stoves, water, tea to be able to withstand the cold. "We stand firm to achieve our demand."

19։00 RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his supporters finished their march in Garegin Nzhdeh Square. He advised the same to the opposition.

17։40 "The issue will be solved in the National Assembly, our headquarters is here, let's block the street with barricades on both ends." [Leader of the opposition rally Vazgen Manukyan]

17։10 "The RA Armed Forces fully protect the borders of our Homeland and ensure security. The army is an apolitical structure, all attempts to involve the armed forces in any political process are inadmissible․ Any such attempt threatens the stability and security of the Republic of Armenia. The RA Ministry of Defense will respond appropriately to each such action." [The Ministry of Defence of RA]

17:00 Pashinyan promised that corrupt officials would not return to power, and that tavish (soft politics) would end. Now he and his supporters are marching through the city. The opposition requesting Pashinyan's resignation, is marching to the National Assambly.

16:30 Pashinyan invited Onik Gasparyan to write a letter of resignation and leave the army. "He will not be able to raise an army against the people. I will not allow that. Let all the other military men return to service"

16:25 The prime-minister offered the opposition to start political consultations in order to define the date for snap elections.

16։20 "Let the people decide that I am leaving, let the people execute me right on this square."  [Nikol Pashinyan]

16:00 "As the elected representative of the people of the Republic of Armenia, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, my order to all soldiers, officers, generals of the Armed Forces․ Gentlemen, you must continue doing your job of preserving the territorial integrity of the RA borders․ This is my order, and no one can cancel that order." [Nikol Pashinyan]

15։20 "The statement issued by the RA Armed Forces General Staff on the morning of February 25 was not directed by anyone or made under pressure from anyone. This is the clear conviction and position of the generals and officers, whose goal is one - to serve the salvation of the homeland at this crucial moment. Once more, we confirm our clear position." [Armed Forces General Staff]

14։40 "We do not have an enemy inside Armenia, but there are issues that we must discuss. The Armed Forces are subject to the people of Armenia, the Prime Minister, there can be no other option. I think the danger of a coup is manageable, it is an emotional response, we should not be strict with our brothers." [Nikol Pashinyan]

14:36 "Dear compatriots,

At this crucial moment, we call on you to be the owner of our state, to stand by our Armed Forces, the Armenian Army. The government that lost the war and handed over land must leave. That is the first necessary guarantee of our national revival, that is the imperative of today" [Second President of RA Robert Kocharyan]

14:20 "The statement of the Generals of the General Staff of the Republic of Armenia is not an attempt at a military coup, as in the current situation their demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister does not contain any element of a military coup, in particular dangers for the constitutional order or state security."  [The head of the NA "Bright Armenia" faction Edmon Marukyan]          

14:00 The Kremlin is following the situation in Armenia with concern, but we consider what happened to be the internal affairs of an important and close ally of Russia in the Caucasus. Spokesman for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov told reporters, RIA Novosti reported.

13։30 The "Homeland Salvation Movement" is holding a rally in Freedom Square today at 15:00. The oposition movement welcomes the statement of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces and expresses its support to the Armed Forces as the "only and unselfish guarantor of the country".

13:05 "I will speak at the Republic Square at 16:00. Before that, let's gather in the square. Police and other law enforcement agencies provide security for the rally." [Prime-Minister Nikol Pashinyan]

12:23 "The recent internal political developments in the Republic of Armenia are very worrying. I urge all parties to show sobriety and common sense, otherwise our defeat will be much deeper and fatal. It is enough how much blood we have shed, now is the time to put an end to the crises, to go towards the long-term development and strengthening. Being in Yerevan at the moment, I am ready to bring my mediation mission in overcoming this political crisis with honor." [Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan]

12:20 During his live address Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan informed of his decision to also fire the Head of Army General Stuff Onik Gasparyan and called his supporters to join a rally at the Republic Square.

12:00 "I consider the statement of the General Staff as an attempt of a military coup.I am inviting all our supporters to Republic Square right now. I will address the public live in the near future".
[Nikol Pashinyan]

11:50 The General Staff issued a statement noting that "the RA Prime Minister and the government are no longer able to make adequate decisions in this critical, fatal situation for the Armenian people." 
They demand the resignation of the Prime Minister and the government. The letter was signed by almost all high-ranking officials of the army including the Head of the General Staff Onik Gasparyan.

11:00 First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Armenia, General Tiran Khachatryan, was fired after he commented on the words of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that the Russian Iskander missile systems in service in Armenia during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh in the fall of 2020 “did not explode or exploded by only 10%." Khachatryan, commenting on this to Yerevan.Today, “laughed for a long time” and said that “this is impossible”.