Natalia Mayorova: Never ask for empowerment


Natalia Mayorova: Never ask for empowerment

Never ask for empowerment, you ARE empowered, you just need to discover your might: Natalia Mayorova about revealing the inner power


XiB is a platform for sharing best practices with the world of business transformation. To venture into the uncharted waters of this  unprecedented practice, XiB turns to the best experts working in different organizations throughout a variety of industries, to share their personal stories and encounters, to voice their questions, concerns and potential solutions with a wider audience, and as such, giving them a glimpse to the unknown corporate cultures, the decision making processes, the leadership practices, transformational approaches, reflective insights and knowledge of the undiscovered and underexposed kind.

During the first XiB event, the management team of Philip Morris Armenia shared their career leadership experiences and interesting personal stories.

Down the line, we find Natalia Mayorova's initiative of urging women around her to discover the power within, the power that is inherent to them by refusing the trendy concept of women empowerment. She explains this call for a mindset transformation through careful consideration of past encounters and reflective analysis of a number of eye-opening experiences.

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