Nina Grigoryan: X = nurturing leadership = good parenthood


Nina Grigoryan: X = nurturing leadership = good parenthood

X in Business  (XiB) is a new platform that incorporates all things in BUSINESS! XiB provides an open-minded space to all corporations for sharing their wisdom and perspectives, which has mostly been denied in most platforms with social impact and focus.

X in XiB stand for the unknown in different business practices, let it be leadership, finance, HR, talent acquisition, change management, marketing, organizational development and so on.

This time XiB speaker was Philip Morris Armenia People & Culture specialist - the Supervisor capability building: Nina Grigoryan.

There is a proven statistic that leaders account for at least 70% of the variance in team engagement and heavily influence employee well-being. Adults need to realize that neither their children nor their employees belong to them; trust and empowerment are crucial pre-requisites for growing happy children and ensuring high employee satisfaction at the workplace. Nina will suggest on how to help ourselves as parents and leaders to start trusting and empowering.

To know more about Nina’s experience, watch the video.

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