One Flew over Hrazdan Gorge


One Flew over Hrazdan Gorge

Last year, Yerevan Zipline Airlines opened its doors at Arabkir (Molokan) park and up to this day, enables its visitors to fill in their daily dose of adrenaline, witnessing the beauty of Hrazdan Gorge. Regional Post team visited the sight along with other representatives of Armenian media outlets and discovered the perks of this unique experience. 

Text : Margarita Mirzoyan

Photo : Yerevan Zipline Airlines 




The latter is the longest in the region with total lengths of 1.5 km. Another distinctive feature of the zipline is the fact that it’s the only one which goes under the bridge. Thus the company hopes that one day they will make it to the Guinness Records Book, putting Armenia on the map of extreme tourism. Recently,  in cooperation with Arloopa, the company introduced the option of the flight with VR glasses, which is the first one in Armenia. The visitors can take the flight and appear in a galactic atmosphere. 

Taking the visitors from Arabkir community to Ajapnyak, the highest pick of the zipline is 123 meters, and you can reach it with 120/140 speed in less than a minute. Тhe attraction is also available for people with physical disabilities. 

The company doesn’t want to introduce only a source of entertainment, their aim is much broader, covering the creation of new job opportunities and also developing the tourism sector in general. The director of the company, Jirayr Musheghyan, thinks that as an adventure experience ziplines can increase the tourism attractiveness of the country. Besides, before launching Zipline, the company carried out cleaning activities in the area, contributing to the well-being of the famous Molokan park. 

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