Opening of the Alteration Festival in Yerevan


Opening of the Alteration Festival in Yerevan

Art & Music festival Alteration opened on May 30th in Yerevan, with world famous DJ Nina Kraviz performing on the stage of the legendary "Ayrarat" cinema hall, abandoned after the collapse of the USSR (lights and visual effects of the night were designed by SETUP transnational studio). 


Alteration will last till June 18, and will have events both with local and international artists. "Ayrarat" will be the main venue, though some of the events will happen in the "Fermata" club. Organizers of the event, MOCT, say that "the festival will appear as a bridge uniting Armenian, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and many more nations, with music being the universal language." One of the nights will be dedicated to the local rock bands (line up includes Lav Eli, Rozen Tal and Nemra), while one of the most intriguing events is called Classical Electro Fusion. The concert will feature 12 musicians playing different musical instruments: their partiture will be guided by algorithmic audio-visual structure built via a variety of pre-recorded urban sounds and map images... At the same time, each musician will be completely free while playing his/her own part. On the closing night of the festival, world famous DJ Ricardo Villalobos, one of the most significant figures of minimal techno, will play. 

Although the festival officially ends on June 18th, "Ayrarat" may continue to operate as a center for contemporary art and electronic music.  

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