Pashinyan, Putin and Aliev's joint statement

Pashinyan, Putin and Aliev's joint statement

Yesterday, after a four-hour trilateral meeting Nikol Pashinyan, Vladimir Putin, and Ilham Aliev came up with the following joint statement:

1. With the aim of the implementation of paragraph 9 of November 9 Statement on the lifting of the blockade of all economic and transport links in the region, the parties support the RF President Vladimir Putin’s proposal on the set up of a tripartite Working Group under the joint chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Ministers of Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

2. Until January 30, the working group will hold its first meeting to develop a list of the main directions of activities arising from the implementation of paragraph 9 of the Statement, prioritizing the establishment of railway and road communications.

3. In order to implement the main directions of the activity the co-chairs of the Working Group will form expert subgroups, that will present a list of projects within a month along with details of resources and activities necessary for implementation and approval at the highest level by the Parties.

4. By March 1, the Working Group will submit a roadmap of activities on restoration and construction of new objects of transport infrastructure to be approved at the highest level.

In a separate speech, Pashinyan indicated that the issue of the return of Armenian POWs is not resolved yet.