Banking is no longer about the mere satisfaction of financial necessities. At IDBank it’s also about comfort and tailored services handpicked for each client individually. A year ago, IDBank introduced its Privilege Banking service which has a number of peculiar advantages for the clients of the Bank. Regional Post talked to the Head of the Communications Unit at IDBank Tatevik Vardevanyan, and the Head of the Bank’s Premium Banking Division Lida Safaryan about the new culture and approaches of banking integrated and fostered by IDBank. 

Text : Margarit Mirzoyan    Photo : IDBank


As you enter the monumental building on North Avenue, you appear at the flagship office of IDBank. Then you enter the cafe on the right side, take a cup of delicious and freshly brewed coffee and sit at the table by the window. You have a Visa Signature card in your hand which means after you’ve enjoyed your coffee, you can go to the third floor, open the glass doors by putting your fingerprint on the detector and enter the Privilege Banking zone. The main principle here is “Everything for and around the customer” and these are not just words, this is about the service culture introduced by IDBank. Last year, the Bank presented Privilege Banking service which has become the epitome of comfort and pleasant experience for the clients. Joining the new service enables the clients to enjoy numerous benefits and have all the services tailored specifically for their needs.

Once you are a part of this service and enjoy your day sitting on one of the comfy sofas of the premium class service center on the top floor, appreciating the soothing and calm atmosphere of the Privilege Banking hall, the personal manager comes to your help. The main task of the manager is to identify the best possible solutions specific to your needs, playing the role of a personal concierge. Here, a customer may also find a special conference room for business meetings. Also, the specialists at the kid’s corner will look after the children, if needed, while the parents are dealing with their financial needs.

The practical benefits of the service are numerous, including the so-called “one window solution”. You no longer have to run from one specialist to the other, as all your financial affairs are in the hands of one universal specialist. You’ll be offered the best possible exchange rates, provision with credit in a short period of time, and this is just the beginning. In addition to all these benefits, the Visa Signature card alone (69,000 AMD a year, or 50% less in case of online purchase by Idram&IDBank app or has several advantages, which will make the daily life of the client more comfortable and accomplished. For example, 0.5% cashback for each transaction when making non-cash purchases, a deposit box free of charge for 90 days a year, and much more. The service of the international concierge will give the client an opportunity, for instance, to make reservations, to order tickets or purchase anything they want, and all these by just one call twenty-four seven.

Comfortable travel is another advantage of IDBank Signature card, namely, over 1200 airports all around the world will open their lounge halls for you four times a year. Pandemic will soon be over and airports will once again become part of our lives, so this is much more important than you may think right now.

The insurance within the service has gained a whole new meaning covering both medical and travel incidentals (up to 750,000 USD), compensation for the delay of the flight or the misplaced baggage and protection of various purchases. When it comes to purchases, here again, special discounts are on the table. Quite importantly, if the customer’s individual account joins the Privilege Banking service, the legal account receives the same advantages, consequently, a customer’s financial history and mechanisms at IDBank have a centralized management and service. In other words, the key aim of the Bank is to help the client spend minimum time but get the maximum result, and all this with individual approach and comfort.

But premium and privilege don’t mean inaccessible. If previously the clients needed to make huge investments to join the service, now, for 69,000 AMD a year, the client can have his/her financial transaction under control without any distress, which is what’s important to the customer service management.

The client’s family members also can enjoy the benefits of the service and the Bank itself tries to become a family service, covering the customer’s needs outside of the financial realm as well. The only thing the Bank expects from the client is loyalty, at the same time, being loyal themselves, while accompanying their customer in their financial journey. The personal manager will become like someone from a customer’s family who just knows a great deal of finances and will cover your back in all the relevant aspects. You just need to make one call whenever it’s convenient for you.