Russia and Turkey signed an agreement on a monitoring center in Karabakh


Russia and Turkey signed an agreement on a monitoring center in Karabakh

Moscow and Ankara signed a document on the establishment of a joint monitoring center in Karabakh. According to the announcement of the Turkish Defense Ministry,  the technical negotiations between Russia and Turkey on the creation and functioning of a monitoring center to control the ceasefire in Karabakh have been completed, an agreement has been signed. Currently, the sides are getting ready for further operations.


On November 10, the leaders of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan signed an announcement on a complete ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh. According to the document, the Armenian side had to hand over the regions of Kelbadjar (Karvajar), Lachin (Qashatagh), and Aghdam to Azerbaijan, as well as the areas that the enemy managed to acquire as the result of the war during the past two months. The parties were also committed to exchange prisoners and bodies of the dead. The document also implies that Russian peacekeepers will be stationed in the region, and a Russian-Turkish monitoring center will be created.


All three regions mentioned in the announcement are by now under the control of Azerbaijan and the Russian peacekeepers are already on the territory of Artsakh, however, there are still ongoing issues with the return of the Armenian soldiers imprisoned by the Azerbaijani forces and the determination of exact borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Artsakh.


See the full agreement here.