Serj Tankian calls Armenia to

Serj Tankian calls Armenia to "stay free" of American agrochemical giant Monsanto

On November 1, The US Embassy in Armenia organized a meeting of agriculture entrepreneurs and specialists with representatives of American agrochemical corporation Monsanto and agriculture equipment manufacturer Valmont. The goal of the conference was to provide American corporations an opportunity to presents their latest products and services, and to establish business ties between Armenian and American enterprises.

Monsanto is known for its engagement in multiple lawsuits, including in foreign states. The company is criticized by environmental activists for its monopolist policy, potentially dangerous products and pressuring small-scale farm owners.

Famous American-Armenian musician Serj Tankian commented on Monsanto's possible investments in Armenia on his Facebook page, saying that “above all Monsanto is known as an evil corporation here in the US and Europe for all their practices, suing farmers etc.”

“Armenia please please stay free and clear of Monsanto. There is ample proof that Monsanto's sprays have poisoned our environment contributing drastically to dying off of bees,” - Tankian wrote.

The same day as Yerevan conference took place, United States Environmental Protection Agency called a meeting to report that more than 3.6 million acres of soybean crops, about 4% of all soybeans planted in the country this year, was damaged by weed killer dicamba produced and sold by Monsanto, BASF and DuPont companies.