“The goal has been and will remain to help people live their best lives!” - Nina Kandelaki


“The goal has been and will remain to help people live their best lives!” - Nina Kandelaki

As a global health and wellness community, Herbalife has been around for over 40 years and operates in more than 90 countries. Through its scientifically supported products, coach guidance, and flexible business opportunities, millions of individuals can enact tangible improvements in their lives. Regional Post met with Nina Kandelaki, Regional Vice President of Herbalife, to learn more about the company, what it has to offer, and the influential role women play in its development. 

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Ms. Kandelaki, where does the story of Herbalife begin? What were its initial objectives? 

— The company was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes (1956-2000), an American entrepreneur and later founder and the first Herbalife Independent Member. He initially started working on creating balanced nutrition and products, and he wanted them to be accessible everywhere. He followed the direct sales model, and we still have the same vision to this day. The goal has been and will remain to help people live their best lives!


With Herbalife’s global presence spanning more than four decades and its presence in Armenia for more than ten years, how successful has the company been in Armenia over the past decade?

— We have great female Independent Members in Armenia, which is the core of the organization. We are constantly adding new tastes to our legendary product, the protein shake Formula 1, and providing them in the Armenian market. Throughout the years, we have witnessed significant growth in the Armenian market as more people follow and promote healthy lifestyles in Armenia. Last year, we also received a prestigious Armenian award, ‘The Leader’ for the first time in a ‘balanced nutrition’ nomination. The brightness and growth of Armenia are helping the company’s growth, first through the products and then with the business. 



Herbalife enables individuals to become Independent Members and venture into entrepreneurship. In your perspective, what makes this opportunity so appealing, and how does it contribute to the company’s success?

— Our model is quite flexible and offers people the freedom to run their business however they see fit. I would say that it goes as “You get as much as you put in.” Each member gets to decide whether to work from home or an office. If you are a mom with a kid, you can do it part-time or full-time with your partner as a full business. We believe this aspect attracts people the most. Even young people love the flexibility and need it in their everyday lives.


You may have heard that from March 8th to April 7th, Armenia celebrates Women’s Month. As a woman who has built a successful career path, why is it so important to support women and celebrate their achievements in this context?

— As a Caucasian woman, we are naturally powerful and dominant figures, but support is always an essential thing. It’s important to have a mentor to help you in your business, someone to show you how to be successful. For us women, being surrounded by a community of successful women is essential. That’s what we have at Herbalife. 75% of our Independent Members are vigorously working women building their own businesses. Through it all, I believe it’s rewarding to see other women willing to help and guide you.


In your opinion, what unique skills do women possess that can drive innovation and advancement in this business sector?

— Herbalife is all about showing people that everything is possible. A woman possesses the emotional intelligence and patience to guide a large number of people. These skills are extremely helpful and advantageous in any business. A woman also has much more discipline and multitasking abilities. Women should not try to be like men when running a business; on the contrary, we need to embrace our womanhood and identity.



What changes would you like to see in the industry, including in the context of gender equality?

— I would love to see more women in more businesses. At Herbalife, we already offer lots of opportunities for women. We want to support all women, moms, and young women, regardless of their ages and roles. A woman can combine her personal and professional lives. They can maintain that balance. We at Herbalife exist as a motivating community that supports all women in all phases of their lives. 


Do you think that women’s entrepreneurship is a global trend? In what areas are women entrepreneurs the most successful? What determines their motivation?

— Entrepreneurship is a global trend now, and we see that as a company with 80% women among Herbalife Independent Members. More women strive for it now rather than moving towards an ordinary career.
As different research suggests, women dominate the areas involving lifestyle and beauty, and direct selling plays a big role in this. 



Creating your own business requires significant material investments, and not everyone has the opportunity for this. Surely, start-up capital is not the only barrier that stops a woman from taking the path of entrepreneurship. What do you encounter in practice, and how does Herbalife help to overcome such difficulties?

— One of the benefits of starting your business with Herbalife is the fact that it only requires your time and a lot of desire to learn and communicate with people. You don’t need to invest in a lot to get started. Many of our women Independent Members develop their businesses online (such as weight loss marathon coaches). Herbalife gives you all the infrastructure for a good start. All you need to do is invest your time and energy, and the rest will follow*.


Finally, what advice would you give to women thinking about starting their own business but still having doubts?

— I would encourage them to pursue what they like and enjoy and, most importantly, to follow their hearts. Start small, try the concept as a start-up (which is how all our Independent Members start their businesses). It’s also extremely important to start with a community. Do what you like, do what you know, and see if the infrastructure will help and support you grow, and that is exactly what Herbalife offers to its community.


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* Atypical achievements come from hard work. Most distributors earn some extra money. 
For more, see hrbl.me/SAGC_WW.

All references to weight management relate to the Herbalife weight management programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary.

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