The return of the Armenia Art Fair


The return of the Armenia Art Fair

It has been a very difficult year around the world, but especially for Armenia, with both the pandemic and the war. These events have left a big impact on all of us.

But every crisis presents an opportunity. In 2020, with the support of the Goethe Institute Relief Fund, we created a digital platform which allowed us to present online programmes such as “Open Space” with a focus on video art and photography from over 30 international artists, as well as the presentation of regional artists and new names in our online Viewing Rooms.

Image Courtesy of Art & the Market: Caucasus & Beyond


We supported the creation of the online journal, “Art & The Market: Caucasus & Beyond” which reviews art from new markets in the Caucasus, the Middle East, India and Asia. The first issue was published in February and focused on the Caucasus region. We are pleased to announce that the second issue is already available. The second edition focuses on the regions of the Middle East and India and features exclusive conversations with leading collectors and explores the varied history of the auctions, exhibitions, and fairs that have served to stimulate this fascinating contemporary and modern art market of that region.

And now we are ready to plan the welcome return of the Armenia Art Fair in May 2022 with its mission to promote Armenian and international artists from the Caucasus and beyond and with a continuation of its aim to be an affordable, inclusive Art Fair, providing a platform for grass-roots development and different art eco-systems as an alternative to the traditional art markets typically presented at art fairs.

Open Space Exhibition curated by Eva Khachatryan


We are excited to welcome back prominent names from our past fairs and showcase new entrants from the region. The Art and Technology program this year will focus on NFTs, and Art Week will introduce Armenian artists living and working abroad. It’s also a perfect time to reflect on an important date in our art history – as Yerevan’s Modern Art Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary.

This is just the beginning. We’ve all missed AAF, from the team to the exhibitors and visitors, as well as the buzz and energy of this event with its creativity, entertainment and networking opportunities.

We look forward with optimism, always believing strongly in Armenia and our ability to be be simultaneously local and international, deeply rooted in history yet also continuously seeking exciting new avenues for art.

MILOS PESKIR, Dig Fossil Corrupt Gaul, courtesy of the artist


So stay tuned for our dates announcement in September. 

We can’t wait to see you all again at Armenia Art Fair 2022.

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