Ties with Armenia brought to high allied level - Putin


Ties with Armenia brought to high allied level - Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent an appeal to the participants of the 9th Russian-Armenian interregional forum in Yerevan, the Kremlin press service reports.


"It is important that over the past period, Russia and Armenia have accumulated a great deal of experience in constructive cooperation in various areas, and bilateral ties have been brought to a high allied level," the appeal reads in particular.

Putin expressed confidence that the ideas and proposals of the forum will be in demand in practice, will serve to further strengthen the Russian-Armenian partnership, as well as "promoting mutually beneficial integration processes in the Eurasian space."

It is to note that on September 18, the Russian delegation arrived in Yerevan, where the Russian-Armenian Interregional Forum will take place. The delegation is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk.