Tumo Paris to Open Its Doors on September 25


Tumo Paris to Open Its Doors on September 25

The official presentation of Tumo Paris took place today in the French capital. This is the first international location of the Armenian Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Tumo CEO Marie Lou Papazian attended the presentation.

Tumo Paris will open its doors on September 25 at Forum des Images center in Les Halles district. It will welcome around 1,500 kids of 12-18 years old to study after the school. Tumo is free of charge and offers innovative curriculum in creative technologies.  

“The Tumo Paris project is a beautiful story born in Yerevan, Armenia and will continue in Paris at Forum Des Images; a story of the public service of teaching digital technologies to young people in all their diversity,” Anne Hidalgo twitted.  

Tumo Center for Creative Technologies is an innovative out-of-school education center where teenagers study arts and technologies. The center has four main areas of focus: animation, web design, game development and filmmaking.  Four Tumo centers already operate in Armenia.