Urvakan is an Armenian word for ghost, phantom, or spirit. The inspiration behind the name lies in our interest in revitalizing the country’s abandoned and deserted sites and their ambiguous state of being neither completely ruined, nor truly alive as they were decades ago. In a bold attempt to bring them back to life, some of these locations will be turned into one-of-a-kind centers of cultural attraction by serving as venues for the festival’s kaleidoscopic music program. Backed by public discussions, site-specific art installations and exhibitions, food vendors, and many more, these sites will hopefully inspire festival visitors with their uncanny beauty and encourage the public to discover their hidden potential, yet to be realized.



Urvakan festival’s music program blends together ongoing projects of more than 80 artists from 22 countries, highlighting current trends in sonic arts, contemporary electronic, instrumental, avant pop, and club music. The festival also aims to spark exchanges between local musicians and established artists, curators, and independent music industry professionals from around the world. Because of all this, we hope that Urvakan will become an effective platform representing some of the best talents across the genres, styles, and scenes of Armenia as well as ex-USSR and Middle Eastern countries whose distinctive voices are still being excluded from the global music scenarios.


The festival’s program has been carefully hand-picked by the talented people behind Synthposium, Klammklang, HAYP Pop Up Gallery, Mirzoyan Library, Rabitza, Radio Morpheus, Kond Gallery, Richterfest,  and other established independent cultural initiatives.




Alex Savage – Algorythmik – Ana Jikia – Anaïs Paws – Anatoly Ice – Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair) – Anna Homler – Arash Azadi – Arash Bolouri – Arram Mantana – Art Crime – Aseptic Stir – Auguste Vickunaite – Behrouz Pashaei – Boyd Schidt – Cast Coverts – Chronic Preview – Cloistral – Cotenius Z – CVX – DJ Hell – Drojji – Elektricheskaya Sobaka – Evitceles – Eye Que – FIX – Flaty – Gulfkeepers – Hasmik Badoyan – Hipushit – HMOT – HOV – Hugo Esquinca – Impossible Territories – ITSU – Ivan Smekalin – Jessica Ekomane – John Object – Jrimurmur – Katya Ost – Kito Jempere – Koehler – KP Transmission – L – Lay-Far – Lapti – Lipelis – low808 – Lucia – Lusia Kazaryan-Topchyan – Mamba – Mana – Manfredas – Mårble – Margenrot – Marginal Twilight – Miqayel Voskanyan – Miracle Libido – Misak Samokatyan – mveq – mxdr – nystagmus – OID – Oleg Rozov – Perila – Rites of Passage – Rupert Clervaux – Russell Haswell – Sergey Golikov – Sergey Letov – Sariim – Sasha Tsereteli – Siavash Amini – Simple Symmetry – Sophia Zhuravkova – Sote –  STAIN – T_st – Tarik Barri – TmbaTa Orchestra – Tommy Cash – Triglau (Poima) – TUUM – Vardan Harutyunyan – Vtgnike – Why the Eye? – Wolfram – XΛN – Zurkas Tepla – ZULI