We Club: A Catalyst For Action


We Club: A Catalyst For Action

Women Empowerment Club (WE CLUB), implemented within Good Governance for Local Development South Caucasus programme implemented by GIZ, is currently transforming the local governance landscape in Armenia. Regional Post interviewed Lika Mkrtchyan, Adviser to the programme, about the core idea behind the WE CLUB and the objectives it pursues.

TEXT : Arshak Tovmasyan
Photo : GIZ  

Transparent and accountable local self-governments are crucial for fostering democracy and building citizens’ trust in public administration. The local community is the root of any democratic development. Participation of women in local democracy empowers them to take ownership of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and ensures diverse perspectives in decision-making processes; through community organizing, political activism, and leadership roles, women can challenge traditional gender norms and contribute to the creation of more equitable and inclusive societies. When women hold positions of power in local councils, local administration, or community organizations, they can advocate for policies that address the needs and concerns of not only women, thereby promoting gender equality. 


Society is changing, and perceptions are different. Still, the true meaning of women’s empowerment can be achieved only when the barriers to gender inequality are eliminated, and women and men are given equal opportunities for decision-making.

“Women leaders in local self-government serve as role models for future generations, inspiring young girls and women to pursue careers in politics and public service. By seeing women in positions of authority, individuals are more likely to believe in their own potential to effect positive change in their communities,” says Ms. Mkrtchyan.

The Women Empowerment Club (WE CLUB) is an informal platform established by GIZ that incentivizes women’s active involvement in decision-making processes in Armenian municipalities, strengthens their capacities in local administrations through establishing strong links and networks among representatives of different sectors, and stipulates equal participation of women and men in political life, public and social spheres. 
The WE Club allows participants to hold informal meetings and discussions, stipulate a dialogue among local self-governments and citizens, foster collaboration among municipalities, and discuss best practices and ways to further apply them in the context of inter-municipal cooperation.


It is quite challenging for women being in politics, especially in patriarchal societies, nevertheless, women’s role is pivotal  in shaping lives, values, and making decisions affecting the society. Women’s political participation is crucial, as the political representation of at least half of the population provides for more impact, added value, and equality in decision-making for society as a whole.

“In Women Empowerment Club, voices are heard, ideas flourish, and change begins. We believe in the power of inclusivity, where women and men come together at the local level to exchange thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Our platform serves as a springboard for discussions on crucial issues, paving the way for solutions that can ripple up to policy levels. Here, every voice matters, every perspective is valued, and every individual is empowered to make a difference. Here, individuals from all walks of life come together, bound by a shared vision: to uplift, inspire, and advocate for gender equality,” adds Ms. Mkrtchyan. 



The WE Club strives to create a nurturing environment where empowerment thrives. Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, WE Club aims to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and build a more equitable society for all.

“Empowerment isn’t about giving people power. It’s about helping them realize they already have it within themselves.”

Dialogue is vital at the Women Empowerment Club. Through vibrant discussions and thought-provoking exchanges, members delve into pressing issues facing women, vulnerable groups, and society as a whole. Yet, the Club is not just a platform for constructive conversation — it’s a catalyst for action. Armed with newfound insights and shared experiences, members channel their collective energy toward tangible change in their communities. From community initiatives to advocacy campaigns, they champion causes that resonate with their values and beliefs, establishing a good dialogue among different actors at the community level.

One of the Club’s core missions is to bridge the gap between local voices, local authorities, and public and private actors advocating for systemic change and influencing policies that shape the lives of women and marginalized communities. Through engagement with policymakers and community leaders, the Club seeks to dismantle barriers and build a more inclusive society. However, the most profound impact of the Women Empowerment Club lies in its ability to inspire. As members share their stories, triumphs, and struggles, they cultivate a culture of resilience and empowerment. Each voice adds a unique hue to the vibrant tapestry of their shared journey, reminding others of the power that lies within.

Through initiatives like WE Club and WE Talks, GIZ reaffirms its commitment to fostering inclusive development and gender equality in Armenia, catalyzing positive change, and nurturing a more equitable society for all.

*Women Empowerment Club (WE CLUB) is carried out in the frames of the Good Governance for Local Development South Caucasus Programme implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and co-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The Programme is implemented in close cooperation with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia.

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