A new platform that incorporates all things in business, XiB, recently launched in Yerevan. Event was organized by Think Studio, a company that a few years ago brought TEDx Yerevan. XiB’s first edition was dedicated to the topic of leadership and was presented by Philip Morris Armenia. Company’s top management shared their personal experiences, perceptions and explored new paradigms of leadership practices.


What is XiB ?


X in Business  (XiB) is a new platform that incorporates all things in BUSINESS! XiB provides an open minded space to all corporations for sharing their wisdom and perspectives, which has mostly been denied in most platforms with social impact and focus.

 X in XiB stand for the unknown in different business practices, let it be leadership, finance, HR, talent acquisition, change management, marketing, organizational development and so on. For each selected corporation a specific topic is identified as of X and explored to define new practices and perspectives in the given dimension. Each event will be devoted to one topic but will need to cover that topics from different dimension and perspectives.

XiB is a place to look for insights that are otherwise carefully hidden in the privacy of these big corporations. XiB initiative aims to voice ideas and stories that have never been shared before.

XiB mission is to create an information circulation of business conspects that are usually not much discussed, topics that are not trendy, theories that are not necessarily traditional and ideas that are yet to be promoted.

To venture into the uncharted waters of this unprecedented practice, XiB turns to the best experts working in different organizations throughout a variety of industries, to share their personal stories and encounters, to voice their questions, concerns and potential solutions with a wider audience, and as such, giving them a glimpse to the unknown corporate cultures, the decision making processes, the leadership practices, transformational approaches, reflective insights and knowledge of the undiscovered and underexposed kind.


Why Phillip Morris is the First  in XIB

Our very first X in Business (XiB) conference is up on October 30, 2019: Our partner and target is Philip Morris Armenia. We have the privilege to hear stories and practices that lay behind a huge experience of one big top management team of a corporate giant. So make yourself comfortable to learn about things that once were a secret, but today will be spoken up to educate us all. 

The concept of the XiB supposes not only speaker-listener learning experience, but also networking, mutual idea sharing and knowledge exchange, which is the core of this initiative.
X in XiB stands for LEADERSHIP this time around. We are hosting the top management of Phillip Morris Armenia on October 30th, to share their personal experiences, perceptions and explore new paradigms of the leadership practices.

Mariam Davtyan will speak about a new framework of leadership: a closed cycle, a universe of sorts where energies are transferred from one form to another helping the whole system move from one point to another. The initiative of each party constituting the cycle is equally important because each one of them is a carrier of the energy and not one of them is replaceable.

Down the line, we find Natalia Mayorova's initiative of urging women around her to discover the power within, the power that is inherent to them by refusing the trendy concept of women-empowerment. She explains this call for a mindset transformation through careful consideration of past encounters and reflective analysis of a number of eye-opening experiences.

Another type of transformation is called for by Lilit Gevorgyan. Basing her viewpoint on personal feelings and the analysis of several corporate examples, she suggests the concept of inevitability of transformation for survival. To adopt the practices that complement the future environment, the whole cycle described by Mariam needs to understand the importance of change and embrace it to transform the current energy into something better.

Obviously, a lot of the success of this and every other operation comes from the leader and the environment he/she promotes. Nina Grigoryan suggests that the best alternative is the nurturing leadership the equivalent of parenthood. To encourage and empower employees as well as one's kids is a delicate business and Nina will suggest a way to achieve excellent results.

Tatevik Oganesyan's perspective complements Nina's idea about leaders having to sacrifice a lot for the better of their subordinates, since she firmly believes that leadership is a consequence to responsibility the leader takes. The responsibility for people's lives and their better future, the responsibility to solve problems and empower others.

And finally, Mariam Tavberidze puts it all into a new perspective by suggesting a new paradigm of leadership, wherein she completes the mini-universe model that Mariam brought up. In this new approach, Mako stresses the responsibility of each and every particle in the model in the scheme of grand things. She suggests that all the individuals within the mini-universe, be it the team, the corporation, the community or the country, have equal contribution in the future of those mini-universe.


Who's Initiatiev is XiB?

XiB is the iniation of Think Studio Consulting

Think Studio is an innovative consulting and coaching initiative, which offers a journey of personal and professional growth for anyone who wants to become an outstanding and influential speaker and leader.

Think Studio aims to grow a new generation of thought leaders by building their influential and impactful public speaking, strategic thinking and innovation skills and by positioning them as facilitators of progress toward the next level of human consciousness.

Think Studio was founded by Kristine Sargsyan after she founded TEDxYerevan in 2009. TEDxYerevan needed a new public speaking coaching approach to work with its speakers from different fields to make the speeches and the delivery more influential and impactful …

Ideas crafted through Think Studio were for TEDxYerevan stage became inspiration for two world known startups. Number of other ideas have been featured on New Your Times, Washington Post and National Geographic. The best result of Think Studio however, are the unique and inspiring TEDxYerevan talks which are available on www.TEDxYerevan.com. The 80 talks featured at TEDxYerevan have together reached to 1,000,000 views - allowing our sponsors to reach a large and intelligent international market on a constant and cumulative basis.

The Think Studio team is currently in the process of designing and organizing first XiB Forum which is TEDx like experience in Business. At this point we are reaching out only to a select group of companies and organizations that have demonstrated understanding and interest toward the power of great ideas and are in the process of transformation. Usually such companies want to add to the unique atmosphere and become inspired themselves to further develop their missions, embrace innovation, benefit from unique networking opportunities, and become idea leaders in their field.


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