Yerevan needs new military partner - President of Armenia


Yerevan needs new military partner - President of Armenia

Armenia needs a new military partner and is discussing with France the issue of military assistance, Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturian said on October 5 in an interview to the France 2 TV channel.


“We need a new military partner. Meanwhile France has expressed a strong intention to help us, support us in order to strengthen our defense capability. Negotiations are currently underway. Our goal is to defend ourselves and stop Azerbaijan's ambitions, because the final goal is to live in peace with our neighbor,” he said.

Let us note that Armenia is a member of the CSTO and is considered a military ally of Russia. However, Russia has already stopped supplying weapons to Armenia for several years; moreover, the Prime Minister of Armenia stated on several occasions that Russia has not supplied weapons to Armenia for the money already transferred.

In turn, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, speaking on France 2 on October 5, confirmed her support for Armenia and said that French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu would assess France’s ability to provide military assistance to Armenia.

“This is also a way to avoid an even more difficult situation, which this time will undoubtedly entail tough sanctions from Europe or at least France,” the minister noted.


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